N 41-43
W 069-59.37
Elevation: 68 feet
Pattern Altitude: 1000 feet
Runway: 6-24 3000 x 100

Approaches: GPS
ASOS: 508. 945. 5034
Hours: Daylight


Chatham Municipal Airport
240 Geo. Ryder Rd.
Chatham, MA 02633
P. 508. 945.9000
F. 508. 945.9599


The Chatham Municipal Airport, located on George Ryder Road, just
northwest of Chatham Center, welcomes thousands of airborne travelers
to Chatham each year. The airport’s proximity to beaches, recreation areas and resort facilities makes it a New England attraction. It offers sightseeing flights over beautiful Cape Cod, rental aircraft for pilots, and professional flight instruction. A full overhaul and repair maintenance service and
unicom frequency, operating beacon and runway lights for night flights, combine to make Chatham Airport a full service facility.

On-field skydive operator active April–October.

The airport also offers a cafe type restaurant year round. For information, transportation and services, contact (508) 945-9000.

Source: www.chathamcapecod.com

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