N 41-43
W 069-59.37
Elevation: 68 feet
Pattern Altitude: 1000 feet
Runway: 6-24 3000 x 100

Approaches: GPS
ASOS: 508. 945. 5034
Hours: Daylight


Chatham Municipal Airport
240 Geo. Ryder Rd.
Chatham, MA 02633
P. 508. 945.9000
F. 508. 945.9599


  • Be sure to check the runway before takeoff, large number of seagulls like to hang around on the runway during low overcast days, early morning and late evenings.

  • Lighting is not on CTA 122.8, but 122.95

  • On hot summer days, the approach to runway 6 can have a sink-hole effect because of the lift created from the large parking lot 200 ft. from the end of the runway. This causes the plane to sink in the last 100 ft. on final after you pass the parking lot.

  • Check the windsock because the winds can be different from the ASOS report.

  • Off-shore fog can move in very quickly over the runway.

  • The first visible sign of the airport from 5 - 10 miles out are the two water towers at the 24 end of the runway. They are painted orange and white checks on the top and stand at 200 ft.

  • Cape clearance on 127.3 can be difficult to reach at the ends of the runway at times requiring you to taxi back to the parking area.

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