N 41-43
W 069-59.37
Elevation: 68 feet
Pattern Altitude: 1000 feet
Runway: 6-24 3000 x 100

Approaches: GPS
ASOS: 508. 945. 5034
Hours: Daylight


Chatham Municipal Airport
240 Geo. Ryder Rd.
Chatham, MA 02633
P. 508. 945.9000
F. 508. 945.9599



Chatham lies far out at sea on the “elbow” of the Cape, at Latitude 41.40 North and Longitude 69.58 West. We are fortunate in having navigable waters on almost three sides, and, as a result, the average summer temperature is close to 70 degrees. We do have fogs but rarely cold in summer. They are a boon to our gardens and usually yield to the sun by noon. Chatham fogs are just another “conversation piece.”

This is one of our finest seasons, growing more popular each year. The water is never bluer than in October, the air is bracing and dry, the scenery at its best with the sharpest colors of the year. Swimming in September and early October is not too cold for some hardy folk. Indian Summer lingers through September, October and well into November - a succession of glorious days and cool evenings. It’s an uncrowded time for tennis and golf, bicycling and hiking, beach exploring, sailing and fishing. It’s all part of Chatham’s Indian Summer. Come savor < it with us!

Our average winter temperature is about ten degrees warmer than on the mainland. We do get an occasional fall of snow, but most New England storms pass us by or just dust the landscape with the white stuff. We who live here in the winter find our paved roads fully plowed and sanded.

March to May is just spring and we expect the thermometer to read in the upper thirties to the low fifties most of the time. But when June comes,
it “Busts Out All Over.” The waters of Pleasant Bay sparkle and soon our famous roses and early flowers are in bloom everywhere.

On November 16, 1970 the National Weather Service opened an observatory on Morris Island to provide surface and upper air data to the National Forecast Centers. While the new observatory will not be able to provide public service to the area, it will provide local data to the forecast centers, thereby improving the accuracy of forecasts for this area. Weather Surveillance Radar was installed in 1971. Latitude 41.40 North, Longitude 69.58 West.

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